complete textlist

1. You can make - You can make any Hollywood movie - You can make any Hollywood movie interesting, if you, if you cut the movie several times - cut it, cut it, cut it - and splice it again or turn the light on now and play cheap radio in your seat.

2. Project without film, so we can enjoy the dust in the air.

3. Play any commercial or documentary or experimental film and move the projector in different directions, in different directions, positions, directions. By this technic the film gets the high quality of a live performance.

4. Play any film and put on off on off the light in the cinema and put on off on off the lamp of the projector and shoot the eyes of the audience with a spotlight. Also very loud sounds can be used or not.

5. Develop unfilmed film and project it. You are supposed to play it many many times before any public performance, so you get more "snow" - "snow" - on the transparent film.

6. Project a scotch tape and see.

7. Project without film and stand in the light. Stand in the light just without comment, or you cut your hair in very slow speed.

8. Project a very excited speech of Hitler in very slow speed.

9. A very pretty actress, whose name I forgot, suggested me - me - me - me - me - suggested me to operate the projector with hands. This is a good idea.

10. For instance you follow a heavily loaded truck for about 30 minutes, filming it without interruption and show it to the audience, without cut from the beginning up to the end. Please lock the doors of the cinema, that nobody can escape, before the end of the movie.